Features Of Raytec CCTV

Use of CCTv’s has become an integral part of the security system. Weather it be houses, public places or roads, CCTv’s are being used to keep a track of intruders and decrease the rate of crime.

In line with the modern security requirements Raytec CCTv has dedicated itself in building world class CCTv’s and is the pioneer in CCTv lighting development. Raytec inspires to achieve high tech CCTV systems that can provide an improved night vision even at competitive prices. Raytec cctv installation edinburgh and products are the fore runners in lighting technology. All the products of Raytec use a more advanced technology of SMT LED to deliver outstanding vision to the owners at attractive prices.

Raytec CCTv’s are provided with RAYMAX ESP lighting system. These are a complete range of Infra-Red illuminators which have been designed specifically to work in combination with the Pelco Esprit. The high performance illuminators facilitate high end performance, long durability and life period and also very low maintenance. The units have been designed to directly fit into the Pelco Esprit and allow for non stop 360° rotation. Raytec has specifically designed the CCtv’s to provide the best possible means of night-time performance when visibility is poor. These products perform best when used with the Esprit. The Ray tec CCTv’s are directly powered from the Esprit without needing an additional PSU. This further reduces the cost of installation and also makes the process of installation easy.

The CCTv’s are provided with a bracket that has been tailor made for easy installation. Since the installation method is so easy therefore the owner des not require calling on to the professionals every time he needs to change the position of the CCTv. This saves the owner installation charges.

The Ray tech CCTv with LED lighting provides excellent nigh time pictures in the most demanding of positions. It has a high power definition that can capture movements and pictures for a distance of three hundred and twenty eight feet.

Raytec is further aiming to become a global name in CCtv lighting. It aims at delivering high quality products at competitive prices backed up with an efficient technical support system. The goal of raytec CCTv is to capture images at all lighting conditions. Raytec is a lithe, agile, company and works very closely with its customers to meet their lighting requirements. The management team of Raytec’s has over thirty years of experience and have used their skills in the processes of designing and catering to the specific needs of the customers. 

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